Dare to Dream

What would your dream house look like? Dream husband? Dream career? What if all of your dreams came true? What would you do?

In a matter of hours, my "dream" came true. How is it that in a split second, your life can completely change? God's plan for us is so much greater than we can ever imagine, that's how. He has a plan. I thought I had everything all figured out. I would be married by 24 or 25, have my first child by 26 and life would be dandy. I would get my cozy cottage house with a white picket fence, my porch swing and live happily ever after with my family. Well...clearly that is not how my life has panned out; it is much greater. 

He has done just that. He made me. He has carried me and will always do so. He continues to sustain me. He will always rescue me. I can't count the amount of times he has rescued me from decisions, people, actions, etc. 

I realized that I had no idea what my dream actually was. It wasn't to follow my timeline. It wasn't to create my own future and path. It wasn't to come up with a silly "perfect" life, it was to fulfill God's future plan for me. Be the daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, friend, and person He made me to be. I was created to be those things and to be the best version of myself through it all and He would take care of the rest. Let me tell you, He did just that. How do you argue when you will never win? How do you understand when His plan is far beyond understanding?