Be The Change You Want To See

I want to be passionate and present in this life that The Lord gifted me with. It amazes me how we can easily think too much into the future that we forget to live in the moment and be thankful for the things and people around us. After talking with my mom, and being inspired by my little brother, I realize I need to live my life in the moment a lot more than I have been. I need to be thankful for my life that was purely a gift. I want to make Him proud but also want to make myself proud. When you look at yourself, are you living in the moment? Do you approach each day as a new day, as a gift? 

Today and everyday, I encourage you to bring light and love to your own life as well to those around you. It makes the worlds difference when you can make someone else's day great by being you and living presently in the moment. 

By deciding to live more in the moment, I wanted to journal it and what better way than to blog about it. If I can reach people and relate to experiences other young women are going through it makes this more fun for me. Starting this new journey of my life is scary but also incredibly thrilling. I get to learn more about myself and who I want to be and that is super exciting.