All Things NIKE

Very few times is working out fun...well just about every time I work out with one of my best friends (who is also the amazing photographer who takes my pictures) we have an absolute blast! Whether I am complaining about being tired or lazy, she always picks me up and makes me keep going; motivation is key. I mean really, who can say they have a fun time working out?! 

I am obsessed with this Nike crop hoodie zip-up. It is definitely a favorite of mine. There is a similar crop jacket by Hurley I also love. You can throw them on with jeans and a tee, leggings, workout shorts, etc. My leggings are also from Nike, if you can't tell I LOVE Nike! What I love about the brand is they are dependable. I know that if I buy something from them, it will last a really long time. My Nike Frees were given to me when I was working for the baseball team at Oregon State when I was a student there. They have a ton that you can search for on their website but I love that you can customize them to match your personality too!