Snow and Sunshine

One minute we have sunny 80 degree weather, and the next we drive an hour and get snow. Regardless of what you go to the mountain for, it is always going to be beautiful. Enjoying the views from the cafe in the lodge or riding down the mountain with your buddies, you are still seeing one of God's most gorgeous creations.  

There are three pieces I cannot go to the mountain without. I need my warm North Face (snow jacket or down jacket), Carhartt beanie and my Sorel boots. The cool thing about all of these pieces is they come in all sorts of colors. You can always find different brands of snow and down jackets as well as snow boots on Amazon. I love looking to find good deals and always try to find a good bargain before I spend money on something at full price. 

I recently went skiing after years of thinking I would be horrible at it. News to me, I WASN'T! I wasn't the best skiier out there but I had so much fun and was actually descent (and by descent I mean I could keep up and only fall a few times). I am excited to get out this next snow season and do some more. After years of my friends going to the mountain to snowboard and ski..and me sledding or hanging in the lodge, I can finally go and enjoy snow sports with them. Enjoy the sun AND snow this year, we're lucky we get both!