Casual Fall Style

Sometimes I get stuck in these ruts of "Hmm, what should I wear today? I have no clothes!" A little dramatic, yes, but we all have those days. Times like that, just take a step back and think of a few of your favorite things.

I love patterns, all things western, and I have a sweet spot for booties, especially my L.L. Bean ones. I got these booties a few years ago but they have an awesome shoe collection you can check out here. I never thought L.L. Bean had much more than outdoorsy wear but they have so much more and the quality of their product is meant to last a lifetime. My skirt is from Nordstrom B.P. and they always have a great selection to get lost in. For my tank, it's one of my favorites and greatest little must-haves. Target carries just about every color in this tank! I have SO many different colors and they have lasted me a long time, not to mention they are a great deal. It's awesome to layer with or throw on on a warm sunny day. Now the belt was probably my favorite accessory that tied this outfit together and made it more me; simple and a little bit of country. I thought it went well with the polka dots and the brown broke up the black and white combo I had going on.  

photo cred:  RP Imagery

photo cred: RP Imagery